Redefining business with web3 shopping experiences.

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Connect. Grow. Scale.

Purchasa unleashes completely new ways for merchants to build relationships with customers, grow teams and sell products in both crypto and fiat currencies.

Purchasa Products

Hero Wallet
Hero is a decentralized non-custodial wallet that allows users to store, send and receive digital currencies safely and securely.
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Purchasa Marketplace
Social e-commerce platform where merchants can share content, sell products and grow their team in cryptocurrency and FIAT.
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  • Token Symbol PCA
  • Token Name Purchasa
  • Token Type ERC-20
  • Blockchain ETH
  • Token Decimal 9
  • Use Case Utility Token
  • Token Supply 1,000,000

What is $PCA

$PCA (ERC-20), built on Ethereum is the native token of Purchasa and serves as the utility token for the Purchasa ecosystem. $PCA provides various benefits and advantages to users within the Purchasa ecosystem, such as the ability to access certain features, receive cashback on purchases and lower advertising costs for merchants.

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Partners and Integrations

Market Statistics

  • $4.29 Trillion dollars Ecommerce sales in the last year, an increase of 17.2%.
  • $330 Billion Dollars Digital advertising industry which is growing year on year.
  • 68.42 million cryptocurrency wallets Created in 2021 and this is to increase year on year.
  • $800 billion dollar Predicted growth in the NFT and Metaverse sector by 2024.

Purchasa Team

Jake Telman CEO & Founder
Arihant jain CTO & Blockchain Developer
Ann Mosienko Creative Director
Inam Abbassi Community Manager
Pawan Jangid Front-End Developer
Vipin Choube Front-End Developer
Tony Nguyen UX Designer
Quadri Ismail UX Designer
Zane Burkmar Technical Content Writer
Harrison Hosking Brand Content Writer